“Things are happening Now.” These are the words sent to me by a lovely Face-Book friend and I couldn’t agree more.
Since the beginning of the month, June 2nd specifically, we have been in the thrust of Change Happening Now. Not change happening soon, in the future or on the day of Solstice but change happening right now. Yes the change is anchoring within but there is also an outward unfolding in our reality. We are seeing and experiencing the fruits of our labour. We are being asked to make decisions which further support the presentation in our day to day, of what we have previously set into motion. Anything that was started or expanded during the February Eclipse season is not only sprouting but showing signs of blooming.
We are riding energy waves of high highs and then feeling the heaviness as more of the 3D paradigm unwinds from each of us individually and also from the collective. The unraveling of 3D is happening so fast it knocks some off their feet thus the importance of being grounded, present and fully aware at all times. If you are still hooked into 3D in some area of your life ie. with money, pride, victim consciousness, holding onto other people’s energies, feeling not good enough etc… I urge you to do what you can and need to do to release and let go.
The Collective is waking up in greater and great numbers. They need those of us who have been awakened for a longer time to offer support, guidance, understanding, love, comfort and Light.
And wow the Whistle-blowers and exposers of the Illusion have kicked it into high gear doing research and offering their findings to everyone for consideration. New awareness; new concepts of reality.
My sister and I always laugh and say there are no secrets because somebody always knows, sees, hears, finds out about something that another wants to keep hidden. Truth is always revealed some way, in time. Truth once thought of as speculation or conspiracy is coming forward rapidly as the Powers that once were scramble to retain what little authority they still have left and/or scramble for safety.
Life is no longer the same. You feel it and know it.
When you encounter old ways, ideas, energies, concepts of reality, memories, beliefs etc… they seem so heavy, foreign and outdated. They don’t feel right and you don’t feel good in their midst. Let them go…..
The information I am receiving is that Solstice will be a Major Turning point in the year. It always is but what makes this Solstice so different?
The new beginnings energy of 2017 have fully kicked in and after all the flushing of the old during the first six months of this year, we are finally ready to start fresh. Yes we will continue to release but it gets easier and happens more quickly. It becomes less like picking knots out of a ball of yarn and more like putting trash in the bin and closing the lid.
I am being told that the second half of this year will be completely different then the first half. That by fall Equinox life will be very different from what is presenting right now, at least in one area of your life.
I feel it. I welcome it and I follow the intuitive inspirations to support the change. I encourage you to do the same and come the end of the year we will look back in gratitude and awe. Always the choice is up to you. You are in charge of your own process.
Today and tomorrow June 14-15 the Sun and Saturn are meeting up in the sky for their yearly clash. The Sun is about Self, Power, Ego with a cleansing component. Saturn as we have come to know well is that tough love planet that wants us to wake up, be real, take responsibility and create solid structures of support in our life as we dream, follow our inspirations etc..
The next couple of days may usher in a wake up call, reality check, force a point so strongly you can’t help but take notice. Remember it is always done in love to support you in living as the Divine Being that you are, in human form, on planet Earth, during an incredible time of World History.
The Sun is Fire. Saturn Rings are made of Ice. Fire and Ice are opposites and this opposition will likely show up in your life in someway. Take this information as a weather report preparing your for what may come down the pipeline so you can make supportive choices and strengthen self power.
Cancer Solstice June 21st is one of the most energetically potent astrological moments of the year. It is has been marked by ceremony and celebration throughout history by many cultures, religions and organizations.
We too honour the Sun, Solstice, Universe and the Energies as Gateways and Portals open for a special out pouring of Light.
During our Solstice Energy Transmission June 21st starting at 11 am Eastern,we will be harnessing the energies to create further shift on the Planet and Expansion within. I already know that Chakra Collapse will be part of the energy transmission as suggestion by my Lyrian Council.
And after some intense personal work I did this past weekend which took me through a whirlwind of an upgrade, we will also do an energy transmission on ending the suffering.
Star Seeds, Way Showers, Light Works, Beacons of Light please join us and let us in Group Avatar be the change we seek. Learn More
​​​​​​~Love, Esther

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