Wow what an image; powerful. It visually shows what is energetically happening right now within each of us, the collective; the Earth.

Timeline split.

Jumping to 5D as a new foundation.

And yet there is SO MUCH MORE happening in-between the two trajectories illustrated.

In-between the 3D and 5D timelines are an UNLIMITED number of timelines that each of us and the collective at large are traversing to anchor into the fifth dimension.

Imagine between the 3D and 5D lines shown below, an infinite amount of timelines and pathways bridging the way.

We move back and forth between timelines.

Expanding and then slipping back and then expanding again.

The intention for many, for those reading this post, is to anchor into 5D which is a consciousness, an energy of love, compassion; oneness.

To merge solidly with 5D and have that as a new foundation from which to live and experience.

And those unaware of what is happening energetically in the world, benefit from our focus and intention. They benefit from the energy work, the healing work we do for ourselves.

As we raise our vibration we raise the vibration of the planet for the good of ALL.

The best way to help the world Ascend is to focus on your process and then share, inspire; assist as guided.

As we anchor into 5D on solid ground we create a path that makes it easier for those in our wake to access and move along just as the way-showers before us cleared a way.

We are way-showers, trailblazers, light warriors, beacons of light, grid keepers and star seeds here on planet Earth to advance and enhance our own individual process YES and also to actively observe and participate in the Great Awakening and Ascension Process for all of humanity.

As timelines continue to split, new ones emerging, each person makes a choice as to which direction they go. And in our day to day it seems at times that the world is being split apart.

Timelines split and people are split apart according to their choosing; their decisions, beliefs and concepts of reality.

Not everyone is choosing for 5D.

You definitely notice the splitting of timelines on a global scale in world events.

You notice it in your personal life with friends, family; all relationships.

Each person choosing consciously, unconsciously to stay in 3D or consciously continue to expand for the good of all.

We have done more work individually and planet wide during this first half of 2018 then you might think.

Heaviness, limitation, deceit, evil, greed, manipulation, are being flushed to the surface in tsunami like fashion. Just as we purge individually there is a collective and earth purge happening as well.

And hand in hand with the purge,  New Light and New Vibrations sweep across the planet lifting up; creating transformation.

As I sit with my Divine Self, my Guidance and ask for information about the upcoming Eclipses one of the words that comes forward is Crescendo.

Crescendo = an increase in loudness or intensity.

Change is often preceded by Crisis, a crescendo loud and intense.

Crisis in our lives and on the world scene leading to change.

We love our comfort zones and often require some prodding to break-free and ascend, expand; move forward.

The more you love your comfort zone the more intense the crisis to stimulate change.

During Eclipses we receive Blessings and out pourings of physical manifestations.

We also experience Crisis to shake us up and wake us up to change.

July 12th marks the official start of Eclipse Season with the Solar Eclipse.

Eclipses trigger Extreme changes in our lives.

Their energies transform although sometimes first there is a breakdown to make way for something NEW.

Eclipse energies are exciting and invigorating, offering out of the blue blessings, pleasant surprises, gifts  and miracles.

They can also wrestle away from us in dramatic fashion that which weighs us down.

Eclipses can be amazing and fun and full of Oh WOW moments.

They can also be difficult and challenging as often what it takes, is a crisis of some sorts to “awaken” us and make new choices.

But just as Eclipse energies shake us to wake us, they also deliver the people, resources, opportunities and blessings to support us.

And this time around we have a rare 3rd Eclipse happening.

You are the Creator of your life. Whatever transpires for you during Eclipse Season you get to choose how to respond, react, what new decisions and choices to make.

Everything that happens is ultimately presenting to bring you a Blessing, to help you to transform.

I am pleased and honoured to guide you through your Eclipse Process during the upcoming —>

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~Love, Esther 

I found this image on Twitter credit to Mohsen Paul Safarazi Ph.D

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