Bedtime rituals. We all have them. For some it might be engaging in prayer, gratitude or reflecting upon the day. Others like to read before they shut off the light. Perhaps you brush your teeth, grab a glass of water for your night stand and make sure the alarm clock is set. Whatever your night time ritual, it most likely has become an automatic habit.

While I engage in all of the above, I also go through these quick three steps to ensure a night of restful and peaceful sleep. They work for me and I encourage you to give it a try for at least seven nights in a row.

1. Call Your Self Back To Your Body. During the day we leave bits of our energy scattered all over the place. Where ever you have been, an imprint of yourself and your energy has been left behind. It might have been at your child’s school, at your work place, the local Starbucks, shopping mall or at a friend’s house.

It’s important to make sure that you have all of your essence and energy with you. So close your eyes and silently on the inside command all of your energy left about during the day, to come back to your body into wholeness.

When I do this step I visualize in my mind’s eye all the places I have been  and notice the energy flowing back into my body.

2. Release other people’s energy from your space. Most likely throughout the day you have come in contact with people whether face to face, on the phone or through social media circles. At times people invade your space and subconsciously may even latch onto you energetically. They might be drawn to your joy, your wisdom or simply want to be around you. It’s time to send them back to where they belong; to themselves.

Command any outside energy or influence that has attached itself to you to go back to its home and send the energy off with love.

I am always amazed when I go through this step at what I see in my mind’s eye leaving me. Sometimes it’s someone who nodded hello to me at the gym and their energy lingered. Or the girl at the coffee shop who noticed and commented on my purse; her energy was hanging about. For some people it is someones anger, sadness or let’s get real, creepiness which lingers about and needs to be released.

3. Declare the day complete. The final step in this night time ritual is to declare the day complete. I often do this out loud. There is a finality to the words. I find this step sends a signal to my mind that the day is over, no need to replay events, go over situations or try to come up with solutions to problems. The day is done. Let’s rest and start again tomorrow.

Three easy steps that shouldn’t take more then a minute or two and practiced regularly will help you gain a more restful and peaceful sleep.

~Love, Esther

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