3 Clues to Tell You Are Not in your Healthy Mature Feminine Energies.

Healthy Feminine energy is:
Soft, Nurturing, Sensual, Emotional, Intuitive, Receiving, Expressive, Allowing, Fluid, Expansive, Vulnerable, Slow and a Being energy.

Our focus as a light being, born in a female body, with Feminine Essence, is to find our unique balance and flow with these qualities and others.

Our Feminine Essence is our Life Force. It is one of the reasons we are here, to be an expression of our Feminine Energies.

But many of us fall into shadow energies. Never learning how to be a woman.
Perhaps brought up in homes, religion, cultures where exalting the female energy was undermined.

There are many clues to help you to determine if you are living in the fullness of your healthy feminine energies or in shadow.

We will discuss and assess them during the upcoming program.

For now I share with you three major clues.

1. You are a work horse working 8,10,12,16 hours a day.
I work. I pay the bills, I run a biz. I work 12 hours a day. I am so busy. That is not feminine energy. It’s masculine energy.

Yes you can have a job and career, and sometimes need to put in extra hours. Sometimes are on a deadline, but if your everyday norm, is all I do is work, I’m so busy you are not in healthy feminine expression. Is how much you work a badge of honour? That is masculine energy.

Feminine Energy is slower paced and more about Being then Doing.

2. You don’t ask for help.

Asking for help especially from men is a feminine quality and energy.

Not asking for help is martyr, victim, masculine; shadow amazonian energy. It could be shadow Queen Energy I can do it better, I can do it myself; I don’t need anybody energy. It could be shadow Girl Energy; you should be reading my mind and know I need help without me asking. Poor me energy.

We’ve been convinced that we can do it all ourselves and don’t need help, often we can, but we are not meant to do it all by ourselves.

In our healthy feminine expression we ask for help.

3. Is there a feminine type ie energy that irritates you? ie. damsel in distress, weak or pretending to be weak and they are not.
Women who say they want to make change in their life but never do anything and just laze about moaning about life; victim.
Women who are ball busters; aggressive.
Women who are loud, vulgar, arrogant, prideful; manipulative.
Women who expect everything to be given to them or done for them and they just sit on the sofa scrolling on their phone.
Sexy agent provocateur woman.
Girly girly.

Identify what kind of woman irritates you. Be honest with yourself.

These women types or energies are your shadow. You judge them.
If you judge a woman for being in her female energies, shadow or light, you are not in your feminine energies.

I’m going to teach you how to turn that around and be accepting of ALL Feminine Energies while healing and Lighting up your Healthy Mature Feminine Energies.

April 1st marks the start of Radiate The Fullness of Your Healthy Feminine Energies.

The first step is assessing where you currently are in your Queen, Lover, Mother and Girl Energies. Four of the 12 feminine archetypes or feminine energies identified by psychologist Carl Jung.

The clues I just shared with you will start the process now before we even begin.

Are you in shadow energy or in Light? Does one feminine energy dominate over the others?
Do you have feminine parts in hiding? Begging for expression? Hurt and in need of healing?

Once you have a clearer picture of where you stand in your feminine energies and see where attention is required, I will offer you a number of home assignments and activities you can do to start the healing and rebalancing process. The activities are geared towards helping you to develope and enhance your healthy mature feminine energies.

So You Can…

Blossom as Woman.
Live more in your Divine God Given Feminine Energies.
Feel comfortable and settled being a woman; more of your True Self.
When you enhance your femininity you are in the flow of who you truly be and life becomes easier, more fun, satisfying and manifestation of desire quickens because you are creating out of your highest feminine aspects.

Click on the link below to read the details about the Feminine Energies Program, offered in April as a beta version at a special pricing.

There are options to work with me one on one for a Feminine Energy Coaching Session or a coaching session plus inner work to address and shift a belief, pattern, hurt, wound holding you back from being a higher expressions of Female.

If you have questions about the program email and ask.

I can’t wait to get started with the beautiful ladies in my midst to RADIATE our Feminine Energies, DIVINE FEMININE.

Get All The Details: https://estherbartkiw.com/feminine-energy 

Love, Esther

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