This is an excerpt posted today, January 1st 2024, on the Private Energy Update Channel.

2024 is a Universal 8 year. (2+0+2+4=8)

8 amplifying abundance, master manifesting, acceleration, generating; a call to focus on prosperity for self and for ALL. WIN WIN.

8 energy boosts momentum and moves us to achieve MAX RESULTS.

8 is also the infinity symbol, never ending; always expanding.

The focus on abundance is for money yes, but also other areas of abundance: Health, Friends, Love, Joy, Peace, Fun, Adventure, Social Connections, Creativity, Ideas, Opportunities; World Prosperity.

An 8 year boosts the entrepreneurial spirit and calls you to GO FOR IT. Whatever IT means to you.

2024 is not for sitting back on the sidelines. It is for growth, action, manifesting your goals and dreams.

And YOU stepping up to be the commander and director of your LIFE.

2024 will require of you: maturity, responsibility, alignment, holding onto your values and integrity, self forgiveness when you slip, adjustment, release of fear, insecurities whatever is holding you back.

And throughout the WHOLE of 2024, the 8 energy, pouring out of the Universe every second, is present to support you.

Have a great year!

Love, Esther 

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