January 1/2 Energy Update: We start off the new year with a bang not from NYE fireworks, but rather from a Dynamic, Energy Fueled, Moving Forward, Giant Leap into the calendar year 2018 FULL MOON in the sign of Cancer. (mouth I know)

Typically the start of the New Year is rather neutral energetically. In the collective the energies of hope, new beginnings, fresh starts combine with holiday fatigue, disappointment, lack consciousness, emotional upheaval, and general malaise.

BUT this year everything is different after a year of crazy amazing change personally and globally, and a holiday season unlike anything we have experienced before, ripe with shifts and change behind the scenes. Much yet to be exposed but definitely felt by those aware of the energies.

And we burst onto a new calendar year with a Super Full Moon in Cancer. A supermoon is a full moon that appears very close to the earth’s surface thus appearing Large and in Charge in the sky. This large and in charge energy is being beamed onto everyone. I am feeling it on the lead up and I know you are feeling it too.

We are off to a fast start to the New Year instead of the typical low-key and restful start many have been experiencing in years gone by. This fast start is thanks to the cosmic alignments ie the Full Moon plus events of 2017. We are in full momentum of change.

What I receive is that the Blessings of La Luna over this week will continue to awaken those asleep and also further awaken those who are woke. It’s an ongoing process. People are feeling the pull to Step It Up in at least one area of life and La Luna will illuminate the blocks and light up the path.

Thanks to a kiss by Jupiter and Mars happening at the same time, The Full Moon is charged with an extra dose of sparkle, fun, excitement, magic, blessings, miracles, breakthroughs and inspiration is HIGH.

Personally I am entering 2018 more hopefully than ever before not only for my own journey but for mankind and the planet.

As a Cancerian I can fill you in on this piece of info. The Moon rules the sign of Cancer. The Moon and Cancer love each other. They are very comfortable together which bodes well for us Cancerians. For everyone else Yes you will feel the energy of this love affair with lots of Divine Feminine Energy in our midst, creativity, emotional and self expression abound in A Divine way. There is a strengthening of Divine Feminine within which in turn strengthens our self power and expands us into a next level of living as our True Selves; Love, Light.

The shadow of this cosmic alignment may show up in you and those around you as addiction triggers, over indulgence as a mode to soothe or zone out, emotional woes and upheaval, feeling extra sensitive and jumping to conclusions about what people say and mean, wanting to hide out not for rest but to hide from life. Whether or not any of these patternings show up will be determined by where you are on your Soul’s Journey and what inner work has been done and is yet to be addressed. No right or wrong; good or bad. It just is and thank you La Luna for showing us what is still lingering about as limitation.

Also we have moved officially into a 11/2 year according to numerology. 11 is a master number, a spiritual number indicating spiritual empowerment and awakening, plus for me personally when I see 11’s and I have been seeing them alot over the last 24 hours, it means to me everything is lining up and I am on my current highest path of potential. You may have your own personal meaning to 11. And let’s not forget the number 2 because 11 breaks down to 1+1=2 the number of Love and Relationships.

We are off to a fantastic start to 2018 and the energetics are present for you to align with and receive the possibilities. Please remember that you are co-creating with Universe and you are in charge of your own process.

The Full Moon happens January 1st at 9:24 pm Eastern time. If you catch a glimpse of the Full Moon please take a photo and share below. If the clouds part in KL tonight I will do the same.

I love the energetic start to this year. I feel it in my body as tingles of excitement, I feel my mind sharp and ready to co-operate with my heart, my intuitive senses are on target and I am ready to go. Let’s do this!!

~Love, Esther

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Image: January Full Moon is also known as the Wolf moon

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