2011 has been an extraordinary year. People are awakening and taking charge of themselves and their lives. No longer being satisfied with others running the show, they are doing their inner work, changing their limiting beliefs, healing old wounds, memories and transforming themselves.

No matter what the perceived downside to all of this action: people exiting your life,  job and other situations crumbling away, periods of discomfort even physical illness, people are consciously making change because they know from within that there is something better for them. They are awakening to the truth that they are worthy and deserving of greatness and they are ready for it!

In 2011 we had 11-11-11, major eclipes and other energy events and waves which assisted us in this ascension to higher realms of consciousness.

These events in the heavens are all courtesy of God/Universe who is holding us in the palm of His hands as we step out in faith to release all that we are not and step into all that we are.

People are being more present. They are exercising choice. People are rebuking old school ideas and rules of finances and government. We clearly saw and experienced this in regime changes of  Middle Eastern countries, in the financial markets and events like Occupy. People are embracing a love and caring for themselves and humanity like never before.

Yes with all of this change at times we experience unease.  Sometimes the unease or dis-ease appears in illness as negativity is purged from our cellular system. Some say they feel at times they are in a holding place of the Void. Others say they are uncomfortable and even at times down right troubled by what is happening in their lives as a result of the change and transformation.

Yet through it all I am seeing mankind holding faith in themselves and in God/Universe like never before knowing that God has their back. Knowing that something magnificent is at hand. Holding an inner knowing that they chose to be on the planet at this time to experience these extraordinary times and holding fast to the belief and knowing that joy and peace are the result.

~Love, Esther



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