11-11-11 Energy Update: Several times throughout the year Universal Portals open up in the Cosmos ushering in a blast of New Light, New Consciousness, Ascension Codes and higher vibrations. This is why I host events for Eclipses, Equinox and Solstice to receive, embody and make the most of these Gate Ways and Portals of Light. But the Portals are not limited to Eclipses, we have 8-8 Lion’s Gate, Full Moon and New Moon Portals of energy and also Gate Ways like 11-11 and 12-12.
The rush of Ascension energies during these Gate-Way openings assist us in raising our vibration and frequency, while Clearly pointing out what is dragging us down.
The energies affect us personally, en mass and anchor into the Planet for Earth changes.
They stimulate us to awaken to the next level of our Soul Journey of Consciousness and living as human on earth experiences. The energies also trigger a mass awakening in the collective. Sleepers awakening or moving into deeper resistance. I am expecting this weekend and over the next days an even greater awakening worldwide and greater resistance.
We are at a place of choice. Choosing to remain in the illusion, choosing to break free and move into Love and Above.
The energies also further activate our DNA which I have noticed this week during the Diamond Light Ray DNA Activations I have been facilitating for people.
And so here we are on the cusp of 11-11, always a special and powerful Portal and this year even more so as the year 2018 is also an 11 meaning this year we are experiencing triple 11 energies 11-11-11.
11 is considered to be a Master number in numerology.
You can read on line about the significance of 11 but I always suggest turning within and asking what does 11 mean for me? meaning you.
For me Esther, whenever I encounter 11 energy the two ones look like pillars; a gateway and the meaning is change is at hand. If I am willing to step through the threshold of the gateway there is something greater for me on the other side.
Also when I see 11:11 or 12:12 or 12:34, those particular repetitive number sequences are a signal to me that everything is lining up.
And here we are 11:11:11.  To me this speaks encouragement that everything is on track. Trust God has a plan. Trust the plan. Have Faith. Hold Faith. Everything is lining up. PLUS are you ready Esther to step through the next Gate Way of Ascension?
As my answer is always YES I spend time on that Portal Gateway date in meditation pulling in the energies in my mind, body and energy field through the breath, embodying them, integrating them and then flowing with their inspirations. If you have ever joined me for an Eclipse, Equinox or Solstice Energy Transmission Event you know to what I am referring.
Now in regards to 11:11:11 this year I asked for some specific to you information to share and this is what I received:
Key Word: Sovereignty. Claiming back sovereignty over mind and body. Each of us doing this personally. Breaking free from illusion and claiming Sovereignty.
As well countries are beginning to take back their Sovereignty from groups and organizations who showed a great front but behind fake smiles and facades intentions of control, manipulation and lies are at the root.
We, the awakened (a continuous process) are taking back what we have given away while asleep at the wheel, willingly allowing others to call the shots and tell us what to do.
Plus I am being reminded that this day 11:11:11 is boosted with abundance and reaping of the harvest energies. Self empowerment and feeling capable, confident and optimistic about overcoming obstacles.
For a few heavy energies may rise up from within. The dark coming to Light under this wave of high vibes to show you what is standing in the way of your next steps of Ascension. The heavy energies in the collective may bog you down to show you where you are still attached to old paradigms and leaking self power. Everything is information. Use it wisely.
And so to wrap up I send all much love. May the energy waves sweeping through this weekend and over the next days be eye and awareness opening, lift you to new levels of consciousness and assist you in soaring in higher vibrations.
Love, Esther
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