A powerful Gateway is about to open on 11-11 and already the energy downloads associated with this Cosmic Event are being felt by us emotionally, physically, mentally and energetically.

While many are waiting for the actual day of November 11th to arrive my Spirit Team has been chatting up a storm with me offering a different perspective and directive.

Yes 11-11 will and has always been a powerful energy day.

The number 11 in numerology signals faith, illumination, creativity, psychic abilities, mysticism, high energy….

For me personally the number 11 means a gateway, a portal opening, a new threshold to cross, a sign that all is lining up.

Regardless of what 11 means to you, 11-11 is an auspicious day and this year’s 11-11 Gateway, following an intense Eclipse Season and year of change, will catapult us to a new expansion of Self with New Light, New Coding; New Vibrations.

Our cells are changing. Twelve strand DNA activating. We are gaining new outlooks and perspectives of our Self and the world around us. We are moving into a deeper merge of our multi-dimensional Self.

And My Guidance is telling me that the lead up to 11-11 matters much.

The 11-11 energies are building; we already getting caught up in the Waves of Light.

November 11th is also a New Moon in the sign of Scorpio offering us a fresh, creative focus in every area of life.

As the 11-11 Gateway opens, the New Moon Supports us with the possibilities of moving into the next chapter of Life and how we prepare matters.

My Spirit Team suggests that leading up to November 11th, get clear on what you want. What new beginning do you desire? Where would you love a fresh start? And take steps NOW to show Universe that you are serious about the change so come 11-11, when that Gateway opens, you will already be energetically aligned and in motion.

How Do You Show Universe You Are Serious About What You Want?

Start living your life right NOW as if you have already created your desire.

For instance, let’s say you want a romantic partner/relationship. If that person was in your life right NOW what would you do?

Buy them flowers?
Surprise them with a hike in nature?
Tickets to a hockey game?
Cook them a delicious dinner?
Draw a salt bath for them at the end of an exhausting day?
Dress up rather then wear yoga pants all day?

Do all of those things NOW for yourself.

Perhaps you want to take a trip. What can you do right NOW to show Universe you are serious?

Surf online for holiday destination possibilities.
Scout out accommodations and tour packages.
Buy yourself new luggage.
Update your passport.

**Fair warning every-time I do the above I find myself in an airplane heading off to some fabulous destination.

Are you ready to Shatter the Glass Ceiling of Your Finances? What can you do NOW to show Universe that you claim abundance as your Divine Birth Right?

Go count your silverware. Wow look how many pieces you have. You are abundant. Do you know some people in the world have only one spoon?
Treat a friend to lunch or coffee.
Make a donation to a cause or organization that tugs at your heart.
Release those limiting beliefs of lack and poverty

I took my Spirit Team’s guidance to heart and have already set into motion inspired action steps to show Universe that I am serious about what I want; the new beginnings.

And I am having fun doing it!

The 11-11 Gateway will be magnificent and the lead up to the event matters much!

Enjoy the energies!

~Love, Esther 

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