11-11 to 11-13 Gateway Energy Report: The 11-11 Gateway happens each year when a portal opens up in the cosmos and we receive direct energy downloads and information from the Galactic Core  of our Milky Way. The Galactic Core is the central intelligence center of our Universe. From it we receive the highest vibrations available to us, New Light, New Codes, New Information to assist in the evolution of consciousness on Earth. Not only consciousness, these waves of Light are also changing our bodies into a vessel that can hold more Light as we embody more LIght.

With each wave, each passage, there is always New Light coming in because as we, and as collective, raise our vibration, we are able to receive and integrate higher vibrations. These waves of Light take us to the next level of our Ascension process individually and planetary. On this special day, 11-11, extending to the 13th when we are saturated by this particularly important wave of Light, we will be taken, if willing, to a deeper and more intense connection with our Divinity. Who we are as God/Goddess, as part of the whole that is Source; with all of the Multiverse.

It is an auspicious day. A day to be marked in reverence and also in joy, with fun and gratitude. You may consider pausing at 11:11 am and pm your local time to be still, be One, give thanks, jump up and down with joy, spread your arms wide to the sky and say hello; whatever is your pleasure. And if you forget, no worries, the whole day and passage to the 13th will be filled with opportunity to set aside some special time for you, with your body, your Guidance, God, Universe and just BE.

The keywords I am receiving for this very important gateway passage are: Divine Connectivity, quantum leap, timeline shift, fortune, faith, optimism, expansion, crossroads, oneness, deep knowing of how everything is connected in other words connectivity. 

From that list, the key word being emphasized to me is Crossroads. Each of us individually and collectively are at a crossroads. Do you choose for Light or Dark? Do you choose to stay and fight for 3D or do you choose 5D and above? Please note this is not a final choice, we can always choose in every moment, but where we are in world history right now, with the crumbling of shadow governments and organizations, we are at a precipice of world wide change. What do you choose?

What makes the 11-11 Gateway even more exciting is that up in the cosmos, Saturn and Uranus are meeting up for their 3rd and final meeting of a trifecta. They connected on December 24th 2016, May 19th of this year and again on 11-11.

While this aspect will mean something different for everyone it is definitely an opportunity for each person to make a giant leap forward in one or more areas of life. To emerge as the unique being you are. Let your freak flag fly as some say. Be your authentic Self. No more hiding. No more pretending you are not good enough. No more being embarrassed and holding yourself back from expressing  your gifts, talents, abilities, creations; words.

We have come to know Saturn as that lovingly and yet serious planet that supports us in all of the change we seek and wants us to create change from a solid, long lasting base. Saturn moves us to take responsibility for our lives, create structures and foundations which are strong. Saturn rules government (interesting) and encourages responsibility, stability, foundation building for long term change.

Uranus is the planet that ushers in radical change, abrupt, where did that come from change. It also rules technology. Again very interesting considering all that is happening on the global scene with arrests, indictments, truth revealed, exposure and so much information formally hidden now exposed through social media.

Saturn and Uranus together for the third time may turn things upside down on the world scene and in our lives with a focus of purging density and limitation allowing each of us and the world, to rise up and create the change we seek. The change we as Beings of Light wanted to watch unfold and participate in.  It’s all so very exciting when you realize what we have been wanting, wishing, asking for and cultivating within is happening now; it is unfolding. We are deep in the midst of this particular stage of our Planetary Ascension Process.

Scorpio influence is also in play so more secrets, truth, revelations are coming.

I also want to address the key word fortune as the Saturn and Uranus aspect on 11-11 can trigger much fortune, good news that is lasting and has a deep impact. Something magnificent may come your way as a result of your manifesting and Universe conspiring with you to make it happen. If you have been putting plans, a project in motion or if you have been building your business or taking inspired action steps towards something you want to experience, this could be the day (on or around) that it all comes together, or someone steps forward to help you make it so.

And so equipped with information and awareness of the magnificence of 11-11 and all of the opportunity, possibilities and transformative LIght it has to offer, let us each be present in the NOW, in process, being in allowance of change, allowance of shifts and allowance of the purge knowing we are well supported on Earth and above. Let us receive the energy and blessings of 11-11 knowing this is our purpose to experience and contribute to the Ascension Process of our Selves, the planet and all of humanity.

~Love, Esther

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