Nov 11th rolls around each year and offers all of humanity the chance to release more deeply and expand into the Love that we are.

On this day another Gate-Way opens in the Universal Realm and opportunity for a frequency bump up and body upgrade is poured upon the planet.

According to numerology the number 11 is a Master Number and indicates the start of a new cycle. It represents patience, honesty, spirituality, sensitivity, intuition and idealism.

11 is tied into Sacred Geometry and the DNA of our bodies waking us up to NEW, new awareness, ways of being, a new life reality.

While googling what 11-11 means is a nice place to start I believe that numbers are very personal to each of us.

For instance when 11 or 11-11 pop up in my daily life it is my personal sign that everything is lining up for me. And sometimes the message is walk through this Gate-Way, take this opportunity. I am supported by the pillars of the 11.

I encourage you to ask inside to your Higher Self what does 11-11 means specifically to you.

The piece of information I am receiving to share with you is that for all of humanity and the planet as a whole 11-11 will open another Gate-Way in the Universe and usher in more Light, new coding to help us Ascend and replace the corrupt coding of the 3D Matrix we have been breaking down with the assistance of those magnificent October Solar Flares.

11-11 creates a new awareness within, an “awakening” of sorts.

Our bodies will receive the new codes to upgrade our DNA, reprogram our mind and body on all levels to the changes which transpired during October Eclipse Season.

November 11th is also Remembrance Day in Canada and other parts of the world adding to the beautiful energy flow.

It is going to be a magnificent day.

Make sure you stay hydrated and grounded.

As limitation pops up let it go. Refrain from getting caught up in the mix of the old beliefs and patterns leaving and enjoy the Universal download.

~Love, Esther

Many of you like to book channeled readings and private one on one sessions on special dates and moon cycles. If this interests you please contact me directly via email for information on time availablity and we will take if from there. I always love doing inner work on High Vibe Days and I know you do too!

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