More radical change is on the way and the next energy event I want to address is 11-11.

Over the past few months on duplicate number dates ie: 08-08, 09-09, 10-10 we have experienced what I refer to as “bump ups.”

These bump ups are full on injections of high vibration frequencies which flood the earth plane, our bodies, the nature and elemental kingdoms purging out the old and ushing in the new.

The bump up in October was huge and many of you felt it as we talked about it on FaceBook trying to bring understanding to what we were experiencing in our lives and in our bodies. (click here to access my FaceBook page and join us.)

The team of Universal Energies I work with tell me that 11-11 will be no exception and to expect another bump up as the Universe pulls us into higher realms of consciousness. If that is discomfort you are feeling with the pull it is because you sweet being are resisting letting go of something which no longer serves you or there is a fear at hand tugging you back.

Assisting in this bump up is planet Neptune which turns direct on 11-11 and will usher in even more change. Neptune rules awareness, spirituality and the mystical realms. It will emit  gentle waves of energy in beautiful colors of sea green and blue that will help with the quickening and pull into higher consciousness. Watch for a ha moments, deep understanding, feeling unsatisfied with the status quo, a knowing that change needs to happen now; heightened intuition. You may feel this effect for days before 11-11 and weeks after as Universe works on your behalf to help you awake up to who you truly be — an infinite being full of possibilities.


Everyday I receive emails and FaceBook or Twitter messages about your struggles during this time of accelerated change. When I asked my guides how best can I support you I was directed to hold a teleclass to help you unearth and release your limiting beliefs, create more consciousness and give you the tools to do it on your own. It is a three class program and starts Nov 19th. Please consider joining us and further release your limiting core beliefs while empowering yourself with tools to do it on your own. (click here for more details and to sign up.)

As if that isn’t enough  overnight November 11th until dawn November 12th EST the North Taurid Meteor Shower will be on display in the east sky. About seven meteors per hour are expected and an occasional fireball. Any time there is action in the heavens it affects us on earth. Look up that night in awe and in oneness.

And of course I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that here in Canada and in the Commonwealth counties November 11th is also Remembrance Day.  Veterans Day for those living in the USA. A day of memorial to remember those of the armed forces who fought and/or died in the line of duty. The energy of this occasion will also be tugging on us.

So what to do? Never fear dear one for fear only holds you down. Instead embrace the energy of change and go with its flow. Release that which no longer serves you so that you may step into the energy of who you truly be. And ground yourself so when the wobblies come as the energies swirl , you will stand strong in your power and embrace the change while moving into higher realms of consciousness.

~Love, Esther



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