November 11, 2011 is fast approaching and people in metaphysical and spiritual circles are buzzing about it.

Everyone has their own views about the significance of 11-11-11. It is important when you are studying with someone or talking to them about this event (including me) that you hold their information and opinions lightly and then decide for yourself what rings true for you.

After much conversation with The Tribunal my channeling guides, study with other energy and light workers, investigation of ancient texts and spending time in meditation connecting with my inner wisdom, I offer to you my take on 11-11-11. Remember meditate on my words. What feels right go with it. What doesn’t toss it aside. Most importantly connect with your spirit and guides to come to your own conclusions about this event.

Eleven is a master number that signifies transformation from the physical to the Divine. The fact that three sets of 11 are at play on this day is muy importante. (said in Spanish to emphasize the significance.)

On this day I believe that a powerful portal is being opened in the Universe which will lift us into the fifth dimension. The density and duality of the third dimension has been crumbling for some time. Most people are currently living on some rung of the fourth dimension. Some are higher up on the ladder and some lower. This portal which reflects the love and light of God the Divine will sweep us upwards.

What is a portal? A portal is a gateway or a point of access. For instance Google and AOL are portals on the web; a point of access to more information.

What is a dimension? It is a frequency band or a reality.

What is the third dimension?It is a reality based on the physical. Its attributes are duality and density.

What is the fourth dimension?It is a reality where we lighten our load so to speak. An energy which encourages us to release that which holds us back in negative thoughts, patterns, behaviors and energies. Effort is dissolved and manifestations come more quickly.

What is the fifth dimension? A reality in which you are free and full of light. Things take no time and effort. You think a thought and it manifests instantly.  Sounds great but if you are still thinking negative thoughts not so great.

Will everyone lift into the fifth dimension? I don’t believe everyone will but everyone will have the opportunity. I don’t believe that anyone will be left behind because I feel everyone will keep getting chances to access this dimension. It just so happens the portal is opening now on 11-11-11 to sweep those who are ready into its field.

How can I take advantage of this opportunity? Do your inner work and cleanse yourself of negativity and limitations.

Moving into the fifth dimension I believe will allow us to connect more deeply with higher realms, our spirit guides, angels and God.

In the fifth dimension I feel we will move to a higher level of learning and understanding about ourselves and the Universe.

Our actions on earth will be carried out in love, compassion and servitude. There will be even greater unity amongst the people of the planet. A God Consciousness will emerge and the energies of the universe will meet us and support us in a way they have never done before. Heaven on earth will be realized more fully.

We see the shift happening now with the changes in governments across the planet. The illusion of money crumbling. People actively seeking change within the financial sectors and protesting for it.

I’m excited about 11-11-11 and while I not expecting to wake up a whole different person in a new world that day–I am expecting to wake up a whole different person in a new world that day. Catch my drift?

In meditation The Tribunal my channeling guides have already asked me to set up a free energy event on 11-11-11 for all who want to participate. The event will help to faciliate the shifts and changes of this monumental day. Details will be posted soon and will require you to sign up individually to participate.

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~Love, Esther

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