10-10-10 What do we make of this very special day? Brides and Grooms are rushing to the alter. Many group meditations and prayers are underway focusing on peace, love and abundance upon the world.

These special dates have proven to be very significant energetically across the planet ie. last year’s 09-09-09. So what about today?

I checked in with The Tribunal and they said that yes there is a special clearing energy wave that is sweeping across the planet in conjunction with today’s date. They go on to say that while it isn’t packing a punch as in the past, it is a strong energy shift.

Use today’s special energy wave to bring to an end to all that you no longer want to carry forward. Then determine what you want to draw into your experience.

Remember it’s challenging to allow something into your life when you are holding tightly onto something else.

Above all set an intention for joy and peace in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians.

~Love, Esther


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