One of the most frequently asked questions I field is:

What does it mean when I see double and triple numbers especially

  1-1-1 and 4-4-4.

Seeing doubles and triplicates of the same number is not a new phenomena but more and more people are taking notice and want to know the significance. And yes there is a significance to this occurrence which is unique to each individual.

When someone asks me the above question they typically check out a website or a book which outlines the meaning of a specific number. This is a great place to start. Numerology is a fascinating arena and I use it often in my life. In fact I used it when coming up with the name of my new website You’re Almost There Girl.

Once that step has been taken I encourage individuals to go deeper and discover what the number or sequence of numbers means specifically to them. To learn what is their own private message. Generalizations are a nice jumping off point but I believe and utilize in my therapy practice and beyond, the practice of guiding each person to an understanding of what something means specifically to them.

Allow me to give you some examples from my own life.

Previously whenever I saw 11 or 444 or 5678 it was a signal to me that everything was lining up in my life.

Last year around November 11th when I saw 11-11 it was a sign that I needed to take notice of the significance of that date in regards to the The Shift of consciousness around the world.

Now when I see one’s lining up it’s my inner self telling me that what I anchored and shifted during 11-11 has integrated and I need to take time to reflect and validate the changes.

Previously whenever I saw 444 or 44 it was a sign to me that angels were close by. I took great comfort in this sign knowing that the angels had my back and were working on my behalf in challenging situations in my life.

Now when I see 44 or 444 there is a whole different meaning attached. Currently my spirit shows me these numbers to tell me that I am fully anchored in the 4th dimension. Then within a couple of hours somewhere, somehow I see 55 or 555 and that is my inner self saying, “And you are catapulting into the 5th dimension.” I feel this jump even though it is a bit wobbly at times. The confirmation that the jump is happening is encouraging.

The number five had always been my favorite number and I associate magic and mysticism with it. I still do and now with the added bonus of the message of 5th dimension living,  I find the number five a very magical number.

The number eight to me is the number of abundance. I love seeing those digits.

Nine is my life path number and according to numerology is the number of completion. When I see that number pop up in my life I know I am completing a cycle or a pattern.

Seven, well I was born on 07/07 so this number has always had a special place in my heart.  I associate the collective conscious belief of lucky number seven with it. Seven is also referenced at times to being God’s perfect number.

When I see a series of three’s to me that is a sign of Divinity.

As you can see in my life when I see double and triple numbers they hold a variety of meanings. Some line up with numerology and many meanings are unique to me and my life journey. The significance of these numbers is given to me  by Universe, my inner self and The Tribunal help out when I ask.

If you are one who also encounters double and triple numbers in your daily life I suggest that you move beyond the books and the websites which talk about such things and check in with yourself  to see what the numbers mean specifically to you. I guarantee there are unqiue messages at hand which will encourage you and continue to gently guide you forward in life.

What is your special number and what does it mean to you?  Please leave a comment and let us know.

~Love, Esther


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