June 5th is the Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius. This energy update builds upon the one I wrote earlier this week.

While this is a partial eclipse it packs a punch energetically. A destroying energy full force.

But note Sagittarius energy is full of hope and optimism that what is being destroyed is for the good of all and a rebuilding on higher ground.

Typically every month full moon energies are wonderful for feminine energy ceremony, manifesting, dreaming, building, envisioning; dancing under the moonlight.

This Full Moon Eclipse is different. It holds destructive, destroying energies in order to initiate a rebuild on higher ground, in higher dimensions, higher vibration and higher levels of consciousness.

While we see destruction happening on the world scene, each of us personally is also experiencing a dismantling of something in at least one area of life.

It may be a long held, family held, generational patterning or belief system that is finally going.

Maybe it is a relationship that is ending, a job, business finished and complete.

An attitude or perception that no longer has a place in your life.

A health habit or pattern, an addiction that you decide to END once and for all.

No more hiding in the corner.

No more holding back.

No more feeling less then.

Eclipse Energies destroying all of those limitations and more.

Shake up to wake up eclipse energies. Destroying energies. Destroying in order to REBUILD from the bottom up but on higher ground, in higher vibrations and levels of consciousness.

I keep using the word Destroy because that is the word that is coming forward which tells me whatever is ending personally or globally is DONE.

Sometimes we can rebuild on what exists and sometimes we need to completely bulldoze what is in place and rebuild from scratch. The energies of this lunar eclipse suggest more of the latter.

Tip: Vibe Up. When I woke up Tuesday morning the message that came forth to share with you is that from June 4 to 7 in particular, focus on keeping your vibration high. As high as you can muster. And when you feel your vibration slide, because we all move up and down the vibration scale daily, stop, refocus and Vibe Up.

Tip: Lay Low also June 4 to 7th. What do I mean by that? I know we have been cooped up inside for months. Here in Romania finally this week terraces opened up and everyone is sitting outside enjoying the beautiful spring weather. And while there is nothing wrong with getting out, what I am being asked to pass along is to stick close to home. Sleep a lot. Nap a lot. Sleeping and napping are great for receiving the magnificent downloads of universal energies and light codes. Spend time in nature but stick close to home.

Tip: Focus on what you want to create in your life and in the world, envision your desire as much as possible over these days; June 4 to 7. As I wrote above this is not a traditional manifesting moon, but holding a Focus of what you want to create will help you when an energy wobble shows up or if something surprises you in that uh oh kind of way. Your Focus on what you want to manifest will support you in knowing that while this _____ may be showing up, this _____ is what you are creating.

We are at the start of an Eclipse Season in a year of Big Change individually and globally.

Something must end in order for something new to begin.

Sometimes full destruction must ensue in order to rebuild from scratch, that is the energy this eclipse holds.

Sometimes we start new as an expansion of what is in play and that too is happening but to a lesser degree this time around.

Stay focused, grounded, keep your vibration as high as possible, sleep and nap a lot and when resistance shows up do your inner work.

And stay close for more Eclipse Energy Updates.

~Love, Esther

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