July 22 energetically will be a day to watch. It has the energetic markings of a difficult day, perhaps one of the most difficult days of the years. And at the same time there are other energies in play which will help to temper any issues and situations which may arise.

Let’s break it down …

➡️ On July 22nd, the Sun and Moon conjunct which means to come together in a pleasant way. So what’s the problem?

The Sun and Moon align in the exact position of Saturn.

The high vibes of Saturn energy are terrific for taking back power in our lives, responsibility for our lives, dismantling old structures, rules and foundations and building up again on solid ground.

The lower vibrations of Saturn energies create tyranny, control, abuse of power, rules, restrictions, manipulation, stubbornness, taking back power in low vibration ways and there is a slowness a heaviness about the energy.

Saturn wants us to manifest our desires but takes the tough love, be mature, grow up, take responsibility for your life approach.

➡️ The way these three celestial bodies are lining up on this day indicates there will be a strong wave of energy that will cause disruption for many people personally and collectively.

On July 22nd and within 48 hours each way, be extra mindful of everything. Choose your words careful. Avoid getting involved in power plays.

💥 I always like to focus on giving you the heads up for what might present in your personal life.

-You may experience a spiritual crisis or a crisis of consciousness.One of those OMG moments when something you believed in 100% is proven to be false.

-Someone who is a mentor or someone you admire may disappoint.

-You may learn that something you always thought was true or false is exactly opposite and it shakes you because it challenges your belief system.

-You may have a crisis of consciousness and awareness.

-You may feel restricted.

-Everything that has transpired this year may finally catch up to you and you may have an emotional breakdown. If that happens slow down, stop, feel and express your emotions. Let it be a release and healing experience.

-Be mindful of falling into addictions, drugs, alcohol, food binges, gambling, smoking…

-Your own insecurities of self power, worth, control, trust, deserving may come up.

-Issues of manipulation, bossing people around, taking advantage of others may arise.

-You may be the target of someone else’s power grab or rules.

How will you respond?

➡️ On the world scene there may be an up tick in announcements regarding a tightening of restrictions, more rules and regulations, volatile world events, the collective in anger, a spiritual and or religious crisis.

➡️ On that same day the Sun moves from Cancer into Leo. So emotions will run high and also the desire to be center stage. Leo is the sign of royalty, watch to see if there is news about a member of a royal family, celebrity or some head honcho.

Cancer is a water sign and Leo fire. Things are going to get hot, or hotter and I am not talking about the weather.

➡️Two days before, July 20,  we have the July New Moon. The second new moon in the sign of Cancer which is rare. Universe knows we need to deal with our emotions and emotional issues before heading into the last half of the year so we are getting another round of emotional purging before starting something new.

➡️This will be the first new moon following our triple eclipse season so the energy of new beginnings is potent. It’s time to take everything we have learned. Our new awarenesses, choices and decisions. Our new wants, wishes and desires and set them into motion.

Because of trouble possibly showing up two days after the New Moon, whatever is planted as seeds of intention at that time may be slower then usual to germinate. You may have to put more effort and action into your plans and projects.

But in the long run it will be well worth it.

➡️The Moon will be void of course for a chunk of July 21 to July 22 depending on your time zone as it travels from one part of the sky into another. When the Moon is void of course we feel it in our lives as a pause, often losing focus, motivation, get up and go. Once the moon fully moves from Leo to Virgo this energetic aspect will dissipate quickly.

➡️Also On July 22nd, Mars the planet of speed, action, drive, sometimes aggression moving through the sign of Aries, triggers energies from our recent lunar eclipses (closures.)

🌟If you didn’t experience a closure during the recent eclipse season you might right around this time.

🌟If you didn’t have an eclipse “event / circumstance,” arise during the actual eclipse season, it might on the 22nd with a leeway of 2 days before or after.

🌟Regarding this particular cosmic movement what I am receiving is that most of the news coming from Mars/Aries will be welcomed. A “finally” closure. New opportunity. A positive announcement. An improvement for instance in health. This welcomed news will be helpful in tempering any trouble that pops up.

Wait that’s not all…

➡️July 22nd is a DOUBLE master number day. Only 11, 22 and 33 are master numbers.

➡️22 is referred to as the Master Builder number. Great for implementing ideas, inspirations, projects for manifesting and self empowerment which is great energy following the New Moon.

The lower vibration energies of this number can create immense pressure in your life and on your nervous system.

➡️And would you believe that July 22nd is also a 33 master number day?

July 22, 2020. 7 + 22 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 33

Yes a double master number day.

33 holds the energy of the Master Teacher and is consider to be a highly evolved, enlightened and spiritual number. This energy will help us turn to the bigger picture of helping humanity. Enhance our spiritual practice.

💥 July 22 a day to watch. A day to be mindful, conscious, aware and alert. For anything and everything could present on or around that date.

While there are possibilities of trouble, disappointments, bad news and oh no surprises, there are also possibilities of welcomed, uplifting, positive news and experiences.

So how do you move through this day and these possibilities?

If you read this energy update and go into fear (take a measure of your emotions and thoughts right now), then you are already tapping into the lower vibrations of all of these energy events and will have a greater chance of experiencing the downsides of the energy waves.

And if you go into fear now anticipating July 22, you will build momentum in that fear energy that could then roll on and on and on until you consciously shift your focus and vibe up.

My purpose and focus of offering you this information is to empower you, give you a heads up, create consciousness, an opportunity to start raising your vibration now.

It’s like a weather report. If you are planning an upcoming road trip and you learn that stormy weather may present on your day of travel, you prepare appropriately.

Focus on positive aspects in your life and or life in general.
Know that whatever shows up will ultimately take you to a new and higher level of experience and awareness.
Move into a space of consciousness where an energy update like this doesn’t rule your life rather it guides you to the highest possible outcomes and unfolding.

Some additional suggestions, from July 20 to 24 and particularly on the 22nd, schedule your days to spend as much time as possible in pleasant surroundings, doing what you enjoy with people you like.

You don’t have to unschedule everything from that day although I know some people might. No need to hide under the covers. You have all of the power. Take the day and do something enjoyable, easy, gentle; uplifting.

Keep your vibration high. Use the tools and energy exercises you learned during the recent Vibe Ups with me and from my you tube videos. And if by chance you missed those events there is another Vibe Up coming up September 6th which I will be hosting in partnership with From Heartache To Joy.

What-ever does or does not happen on July 22nd, whether you have a troubled experience or the day flows without any hint of a problem, or that closure you have been working towards happens, you are most certainly able and capable to respond in a way that will harness everything for good. I see your Light and it shines bright.

~ Love Esther

Here’s where you can find me: https://linktr.ee/estherbartkiw

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