The Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is happening December 4, 2021. Sagittarius is an optimistic sign so keep that in mind if something topsy turvy shows up in your life under this eclipse sky.

Yesterday I sat down and received information for you regarding the upcoming solar eclipse.

It looks like for many people something will be coming to a head whether you are ready or not.

That’s what eclipses do they initiate change in our lives. Significant life events can often be tracked back to Eclipse Season.

As I tune in I see many of you are ready for change. Some are awaiting it with arms open wide and others are bracing themselves.

This solar eclipse also completes a cycle that started back during eclipse season May 2020. I address that aspect in the video.

And I offer you some questions for reflecting and contemplation to prepare for the upcoming solar event.

The video is packed with information.

~ Love Esther

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