Partial Solar Eclipse / New Moon in Taurus conjunction with Uranus, the planet of shock, awe and surprise on April 30th 4:28 pm eastern ~ 10:28 pm CEST.

All indications point to this eclipse as being deeply transformative for the collective and each of us individually. Again I suggest you go to an on-line astrology calendar and find out which house this eclipse is happening in for you. Then read about the aspects of that house. This information will give you clues as to where you may experience a shake up, breakthrough, manifestation etc…

Eclipses usher in energies onto the planet that tend to shake us awake. They will create a course correction if we have been wandering down a path not beneficial to our purpose and focus. Anything can happen during a time of eclipse. Everyone feels and experiences the energies, but each eclipse is different and not everyone feels each eclipse dramatically. I’ve had some dousy eclipse seasons and others have come and gone quite swimmingly.

As I sat seeking information and guidance for you regarding the solar eclipse, I keep getting that it will be pretty intense for everyone. And that could be oh wow or oh no energies and situations. For some a bit of both because when something gets wiped out of our lives, which happens during eclipse season, Universe is quick to replace it with something even better.

Refrain from lamenting a loss for too long and be quick to be open to receive NEW.

The solar eclipse is a new moon so this is like a new moon on steroids. New beginnings. Time to plant new seeds of intention. Your job is to let go of the old and start fresh. Solar Eclipse New Moon supports a fresh start with a giant wave of cosmic energies at your back.

Because this solar eclipse is happening in the sign of Taurus I can say that generally we are looking at shifts in the areas of finances, material goods, support and structure. Also in whatever you call success. What is your definition of success? What is the success you seek? Something is coming up for release or Manifestation around your view of success. Exciting!

Taurus is grounded earth energy so anything that you seed, changes you make, manifestations which appear will be grounded for longevity. Good news!

As I tune in, I see this eclipse showing up profoundly in the area of finances for the collective and each of us individually. Could be a re-evaluation of how we make, attract and spend money. Being open to new economy. New ways of doing business. New work. New investments. Shifting old beliefs about money and embracing new views and attitudes.

Right now we hear and read economic news daily; often it is dismal. But there are economic stories of success. I suspect more announcements will be made, information revealed about money during eclipse season.

Regardless of what is happening in the world, you generate your finances and wealth quotient through your vibration, action and attitude towards money. It’s a good time to work on money beliefs.

TIP: As you ground to receive the energies use your five senses. Taurus rules our five senses. Indulge your senses. Pay attention to what your senses are telling you; showing you. Ground by smelling a flower. Hold a rock. Sip a spicy tea. Listen to the birds. I like running my hands along the bushes as I walk to the gym. Grounding through our senses is enjoyable.

What really peaks my interest regarding this Solar Eclipse is the beam of light from Uranus, planet of shock, awe, surprise, the unusual; rebellion. Also, you’re not the boss of me energy.

How I “see” this Uranus energy showing up is people being more open to embracing NEW and Unusual in their lives rather then defaulting to status quo. As mentioned above, new ways to generate income, new people, new friends; new way of doing things. For instance if you tend to date a “type” or your social circle is always the same “type” of people, you may be open to meeting someone different. Or you will attract unusual people. But it’s refreshing and you learn and see things from a new perspective.

This is truly a NEW moon solar eclipse on many levels.

Taurus likes structure and support so solar eclipse energies may shake up your current structures and support to show you what is outdated and needs to change, especially around money and wealth creation.

Yes you may get an urge to splurge on a big and expensive purchase. That’s Taurus energy in motion.

You may ditch your dreams and goals for new updated ones.

You may clearly see what and who no longer supports and make a change.

Everyone will experience the eclipse energies in some way even the people not tuned into what is happening in the cosmos and how it affects us here on earth.

TIp: On solar eclipse new moon day plant your seeds of NEW with intention, virtualization; through your imagination, emotions and senses. Then wait until the moon is visible in the sky again to take action. Usually three to four days.

Pluto retrograde 2022 begins on April 29 at 28° Capricorn and ends on October 8 at 26° Capricorn.

TOTAL LUNAR FULL MOON ECLIPSE on May 15/16th in the sign of Scorpio. The bookend.

Love, Esther

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