I trust the July Eclipses were good for you and to you opening you up to new awarenesses insights, truths and possibilities. That you released much. Infused with higher Light. That any shake ups were navigated with grace. Oh WOW surprises were celebrated and action steps are being taken to support your new awarenesses, goals and downloads of Divine Guidance.


Yesterday we wrapped up the July Eclipse Energy Event and as one participant said,

“This was the best Eclipse Season ever.” Another said, “It was an amazing event and I shifted, grew and changed because of it.” 


This past Eclipse Event along with the regular favorite offerings, I added in home tasks designed to help everyone raise their vibration. Fun, simple, no cost home tasks that if embraced with enthusiasm and a believing attitude could shift much for the participant. No surprise that the comments above came from people who embraced the home assignments with an amazing attitude.


Prior to the eclipse season and pre Camino Journey I had a HUGE realization that while we have all become very good at understanding energy, navigating the cosmic waters, meditation and inner processing, that manifestations of conscious desires were still missing for many or they are hit and miss.


I love conscious creation manifestation and truth, I am pretty good at it.


So I sat in prayer and asked Universe why? Why are people still not manifesting their dreams? The answer I got was action, belief, consistency and accountability.


And I realized I could do better, do more to help you manifest your desires on your journey of life.


And so moving forward I am going to put greater emphasis on conscious creation. Pulling your visions into your day to day reality. Getting things done and created. Taking what is swimming in your imagination and making it real to you. Exciting right?!


The Camino Sacred Spirit Journey and then the Eclipse Season solidified that my next steps of service is to help YOU Breathe Life Back into your Faded Dreams and Make Them Come True.

And so as I begin to download and formulate the plans of helping YOU become a successful conscious creator, I received a lunar eclipse directive to hold a FREE Open Your 3rd Eye Class.


The class starts July 29th.


It will be taught through my newsletter.


I decided to offer the class through my Newsletter to make the material easily accessible to all.


If you already receive my Energy Insights Newsletter you do not have to do anything to sign up, you are already signed up.


On July 29th via this newsletter, I will send out the first module and further instructions.


YES there will be home assignments as they worked so well during the Eclipse Event.


If you are not yet on my newsletter list sign up here to access it and the FREE OPEN YOUR 3rd EYE Class.



Plus I am going to do a Group Sharing Circle via What’s App so make sure you have that app downloaded and active on your cell phone.


There will be 3 modules but I reserve the right to add more if guided. Deal?


And HEY if you have a friend who you think might be interested in this FREE EVENT forward them this link to sign up to my newsletter so they too will receive all of the information. Or send them this blog post using the sharing links below.


Here is the link for you to cut and paste to your friend:



Let’s take your 3rd eye vision to the next level of expansion.


~Love, Esther

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