June 10th marks the seven year anniversary of me boarding a plane with a suitcase, carry on and my laptop and embarking on living my dream, a traveling lifestyle. 
It was the best decision and manifestation ever!
Still in motion…
And while it may change, definitely a dream come true that allowed other dreams to come true.
To celebrate seven years of a traveling lifestyle I want to extend to you three special offers to help YOU live your dream.
When you are manifesting ….
1. You must “see” the future you want to create. As a reader of my newsletter you have received a free six page PDF offering you tips and steps to envision your dream. The crucial and often overlooked first step. estherbartkiw.com
You must SEE it to conceive it.
2. ALIGN  with your vision vibrationally. That means your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, patterns, behaviors, concepts of reality, actions must be supportive of your dream.
Childhood wounds and traumas faced and addressed.
Outside influence released from your mind body energy field.
3. Take INSPIRED action. Your Higher Self can help.
4. Never take your eyes off your vision. Hold Faith, Trust and Belief. Your future self living the dream will help. 
So to support you in creating and LIVING your dream I offer you
a 20% savings on the following private personal sessions with me.
Use code: seven
Make sure the discount is applied to your shopping cart before you cash out.
Special offer expires in 72 hours; June 13th midday, 12 noon your time.
If you have questions about any of the processes please ask.
Let’s do this!
Love, Esther

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